First position: Public and internal relations assistant

Public and internal relations assistant at EAO France

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Apprenticeship contract from August 31st 2009 to August 31st 2011

Working at EAO was my first actual professional experience after several work placements. I discovered a lot of new things, starting with a new working field. Thanks to my apprenticeship supervisor and the rest of my colleagues, I developped not only my expertise in the particular field of B2B public relations, but also my soft skills a lot.

Within the two years I worked there I was in charge of:

  • Product positioning and SEA (Google AdWords),
  • Writing, revising and translating documents,
  • Creating ads (web, print) and emailing campaigns,
  • Updating the company’s website,
  • Setting up a new reception room reflecting the company’s identity,
  • Setting up a new signage to guide the visiting customers,
  • Creating tools for the salesmen,
  • Organizing the product documentation,
  • Developing an internal website to present the team.

Letter of Recommendation (French)