Viral video for Mauboussin

Viral video project for a prestigious client: Mauboussin

An intensive week

From the client brief, on the Monday morning, to the delivery of the video, on the Friday evening, we had a very busy week, between the search of an original concept to the search of people to act in our video.

An inspired concept

It is the virality of videos like First kiss that has guided our reflection, as well as the opening titles of Lie To Me and Orange Is The New Black. A piano-based soundtrack was crucial to convey the right emotions and Pierre Météyé, member of our group, was its composer.

My role in the project

In the course of the week, I contributed to the writing of the scenario and, on the set, to the management of lights and actors. I then completely took charge of the video editing.


Actors contacted

Pages in the production record

Hours of video editing

All in all, this project has been a beautiful and moving success of which every member of our group is proud.