« People who succeeded through the Internet »

Video coverage project: success through the Internet

Little time to produce

We learned on the Monday morning the context and the subject of the video coverage we had to do: 2 interviews and one of people who have succeeded thanks to the Internet and a part of street interviews. We had to quickly find people to ask our questions to. In the end, we replaced the street interviews with a third interview.

Success through the web

We had to find people whose professional success was due to the Internet. We had the chance to meet Fabrice Florent, founder of the website madmoizelle.com, Alexandre Loos, a community manager, and Marion “Mady” Séclin, actress, notably for the Youtube channel Studio Bagel.

My perimeter

I contributed to the search of interview guests, to the writing of our questions, to some shots and to the video editing.


People contacted


Hours of video editing

A first and intense experience in video coverage that allowed us to interview guests of quality.