Google Online Marketing Challenge – Pentagonal

SEA project: Google Online Marketing Challenge – Pentagonal

Screenshot of our post-campaign report for the Google Online Marketing Challenge

A way to get accustomed to the tool

I took part in the Google Challenge 2014 amidst a six people group. We chose the company Pentagonal to spend our $250 budget on Google AdWords. Within three weeks, we had to use up the entire amount on targeted ads.

The choice of a complex field

Pentagonal is positioned on the competitive field of relocation and is specialised in doing it for companies and to accompany their HR in this process.

A success nonetheless

We reached goals that were really close to those we defined in the first place, even if somewhat weak. We did our best to react quickly to the evolution of our campaign in order to adapt our strategy and use our budget well.

We ranked pretty well considering the huge amount of contestants, and our work was rated good (look for CID 5307120737 on the winners list)





Budget spent

Within only three weeks, despite a weak performance, we reached our objective.