Newsletter creation with MailChimp

Newsletters: using MailChimp

First newsletter: Fnac

For the first newsletter we had to create after our tests of MailChimp, three brands where proposed to us. I chose to promote the release of a multi-platorm videogame sold by Fnac by including cross-selling and up-selling techniques to the newsletter.

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Second newsletter: Runtastic

We had to create a second newsletter, for Runstastic. I chose to put two complementary products, to then promote a few special offers. I also added a video introducing a new feature and finally chose to invite the readers to download the mobile application and to subscribe.

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Third newsletter: Meludia

We had the mission to introduce the offer of startup Meludia in a newsletter from English website Music For Youth. I chose to explain the main features of the tool, particularly with a video. The newsletter ended with an article about the startup and a special offer.

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Fourth newsletter: Burma

As part of a consulting project, we worked for the jeweller Burma, in order to propose two newsletters for two special events. Among the given choices, we selected a wedding and Valentine’s day. In both cases, we introduced the main product, then some products from the same range and finally a product of upper range.

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Real clients

Tests sent

These different newsletter projects allowed me to well apprehend MailChimp and its features.