Alexis Roger

Digital consultant for Nexton Consulting at Orange

I found my way in the vast field of the Internet in 2009, preparing a two-year university degree in communications, computer science and web, while working as a public and internal relations assistant at EAO France. After that I passed a bachelor’s degree that I have prepared through a one-year work-based course, being an editorial webmaster at OCS (Orange cinéma séries).

I worked as a Web project manager at Orange after a year as a Community Manager at PatientsWorld, again as part of another work/study training program. At the same time I was preparing a Master’s degree in digital marketing at ECITV, the School of Internet and Television, that I have been graduated with.

Thanks to those five years of working experience, I know in which field I would like my path to be set on. My trainings and my time at EAO France made me discover the field of communications, while enabling me to improve my skills in computer science, computer graphics, web, and giving me much more knowledge linked to all of these activities.

Hired by Nexton Consulting as a Digital consultant, I am currently working at Orange as a configurator of the GP/Pro catalog of offers, after a first mission at Canal + as an Operations officer on Les Offres Canal and on interactive TV applications.

Despite me not being available at the moment, feel free to browse my projects!

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Mastère Digital Marketing et E-Business

Logo of the ECITV (Ecole d'Internet et de la Télévision - School of Internet and Television) in Paris

Work/study training program started on October 14th 2013

This training in Digital Marketing and E-Business is a two-years training which first year is about the main aspects of marketing and mobile marketing and initiates to the notions of web indexing and interface design. It also teaches key skills in web development that are necessary in that field.

In order to validate the Master’s degree, we had to produce a twosome dissertation linked to our training course. My partner and I have chosen to look for the influence of digital communities on a brand’s product and content strategies, focusing on the example of Nintendo and the communities formed around The Legend of Zelda.

Download the dissertation (French)
Download the activity report (first year, at PatientsWorld – French)
Download the activity report (second year, at Orange – French)


Licence Activités et Techniques de Communication

Logo of the IUT Marne-la-Vallée in Meaux and of the Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée

Work/study training program from September 26th 2011 to September 20th 2012

This bachelor’s degree equivalent was the obvious next step in my education. The teaching was as multidisciplinary as the teaching of my previous training in communication. Beyond the upgrade of my skills, the emphasis was put on project management. During a great part of the year, a project demanded us students to apply many of our technical and theoretical skills.

To validate the year we also had to write a dissertation on a subject related to our company’s activity. I chose online piracy, as I was working in a company distributing movies and TV series.

Download the dissertation (French)
Download the activity report (French)


DUT Services et Réseaux de Communication

Logo of CFA Descartes in Champs sur Marne and of the Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée

Formation en alternance effectuée du 31 août 2009 au 26 juillet 2011

This two-year university degree allows me to work in a wide range of activities. I was taught website and program development, database management, network administration, filming and video editing, computer graphics, marketing, net economy, project management, law, and communication.

Download the activity report (French)


BTS Comptabilité et Gestion des Organisations

Logo of Ambroise Paré highschool in Laval

From September 2006 to June 2008

An advanced vocational training certificate in accountancy and company management.


Baccalauréat ES spécialité anglais

Logo of the Avesnières private highschool in Laval

Year 2006

General high school terminal exam with a speciality in economic and social sciences.


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